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Product Name:Universal decoder board
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Universal decoder board Support  all DVD Player


Many DVD came to the maintain market because of the damage of decoder boards. According to the different machines and software between different companies, it's difficult to find a extra board with the origin. We have opened up a new DVD decoder board, which can be compounded with many mechanism like SONY, SAMSUNG, SANYO, etc.


1.Support SANYO DVD Mechanism: DV34, SF-HD60, SF-HD62, SF-HD65;SF-HD850,SF-HD870

SONY DVD Mechanism:KHM-310AAA,KHM-313AAA

HITACHI DVD Mechanism:HOP-1200,HOP-1200S,HOP-1200W

MITSUMI DVD Mechanism:PVR-502W,PVR-502V



2.I have dozens of LCD, VFD, led screen options; Digital direct elections can be arbitrary mix ;
3.DVD remote control devices;
4.Belt USB,MPEG4 declassified;
5.Super rectification ;
6.8Bit Chinese game discs

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